The National Context For Place

Our relationship with the place around us is complex and powerful.  It has an important influence on our behaviour, our impact on the environment and our life chances.  

Scotland's National Performance Framework sets out a series of Outcomes that reflect the values and aspirations of the people of Scotland.   Each of these Outcomes is a crucial element in helping reduce inequalities and give equal importance to economic, environmental and social progress.  

If we look at the whole system in which we live our lives then improving the quality of life for people, especially people living with disadvantage and inequality can be achieved at the same time as protecting and enhancing the environment.  

This is exactly what place-based approaches seek to do.

The National Performance Framework

The National Performance Framework (NPF) is Scotland’s wellbeing framework. It sets out an overall vision for Scotland.

The NPF aims to create a more successful country, with opportunities for all to flourish through increased wellbeing and sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

National Outcomes

Eleven National Outcomes describe the kind of Scotland the NPF aims to create. The outcomes:


National Indicators

The NPF measures Scotland’s progress towards the National Outcomes. To do this, it uses National Indicators.

These indicators give a measure of national wellbeing. They include a range of economic, social and environmental indicators.

Performance is reported on the NPF website.



The NPF values describe a society characterised by openness and transparency, in which people and organisations treat each other with kindness, dignity, compassion and respect the rule of law.

The values inform decisions about what is prioritised to make progress on the National Outcomes and how we will behave to get there. This includes taking action based on understanding peoples’ real life experiences, as well as statistical data.


How It Works

The NPF is for all of Scotland. It promotes partnership working by making organisations jointly responsible for planning and spending to achieve shared National Outcomes.


The National Performance Framework and Place

Place has a relationship with each of the National Outcomes. The Place Principle supports the National Performance Framework’s collective purpose for Scotland. It helps partners and local communities unlock the NPF and make it applicable to where and how they live and work.

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