The Power of Place

Scotland's National Performance Framework sets out a series of Outcomes that reflect the values and aspirations of the people of Scotland. Each of these Outcomes is a crucial element in helping reduce inequalities and give equal importance to economic, environmental and social progress.

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Place Based Approaches

A place based approach is about understanding the potential of a place and coordinating action to improve outcomes, with community participation at the heart of the process.

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The Place Principle

Scotland has adopted a Place Principle.

The Place Principle promotes the need for communities, public organisations and businesses to work collaboratively with the assets and services in a place to achieve better outcomes.

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Placemaking focusses planning and design decisions around the creation of a distinctive, welcoming sense of place.

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Place Standard Translations

The Place Standard Tool is now available in three additional languages to make it more accessible for everyone!
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Our Themes

Place is the physical and social framework in which our lives take place. It involves everyone and everywhere and can be complex to understand.

However, the significant challenges that we face, from the climate emergency to improving public health and reducing inequality, require us to change the ways in which we currently work and capitalise on the power of place.

In order to help better understand the influence and potential of place, we've developed the below six key themes, covering some of the main issues to consider and address. These are interconnected and many of the key drivers in one theme will be important across other themes.

Health and Wellbeing

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20 Minute Neighbourhoods

Learn about 20 minute neighbourhoods