Planning & Designing Places

Making the right decisions about how our places are designed and planned is essential if communities are to benefit from the quality of life that a vibrant and thriving 20 minute neighbourhood can provide.

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Illustration of pedestrians walking along a street


Housing is the building block of our communities. The quality, affordability and design of our homes has an important influence on our health and wellbeing

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Moving Around

How we move around a place can influence our health and levels of activity, our impact on the environment, our ability to connect with each other and with facilities, and the layout and attractiveness of our communities.

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Town Centres & Local Services

Town centres, local centres and community services such as schools, health centres and shops provide many of the essential services and opportunities that we access daily and inform our sense of identity and belonging.

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Our relationship with green space is important for people’s health and for the environment. Green spaces, such as parks and open spaces are a vital part of communities, providing places for socialising, interaction and events, and opportunities for children to play.

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