Local places are best known by the people who live and work there. Empowering people to take an active role in shaping these places is good for the physical place as well as helping to develop a positive social environment

Community empowerment can take many forms. It can range from good engagement processes through to communities purchasing and operating buildings and providing services themselves.

By being part of the process, local people can feel empowered to make further changes in their places, building a positive cycle of local action and community cohesion.

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Engaging effectively means including all parts of a community.

Our communities are diverse, with a range of ages, backgrounds and abilities and it's essential that everyone has a meaningful opportunity to help shape their local area. Good, inclusive engagement is a great way to make sure that any changes get things right first time and build in benefits for everyone.

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Communities Channel Scotland

Communities Channel Scotland is a web resource developed by the Scottish Community Development Centre.

The site provides support to local groups and organisations, sharing the stories and experience of community groups and organisations in their efforts to improve their communities, and highlighting useful resources that can help groups in their work.

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