epad.space is a free online database of rehearsal and meeting spaces in Edinburgh for performance artists. Details of various rehearsal spaces can be browsed and filtered by qualities including: price, location, dimensions, accessibility, lighting and audio features. The site is a mechanism to maximise knowledge of appropriate spaces around the city, thereby making it easier for Edinburgh’s performing artists to create work in the city throughout the year. It reduces the time that artists and organisations would otherwise spend sourcing suitable space.

The website was developed in response to feedback gathered from the performing arts sector in Edinburgh. It provides facilitated support around the sourcing of available and appropriate rehearsal space.

Example venue description page on epad.space Example venue description page on epad.space

epad.space has provided a resource that has never been available in Edinburgh before. As for all of EPAD's projects, it works because it is simple; the premise is straightforward and the purpose clear - but the impact is significant and lasting. Our network values being given access to information in one place and then having agency to use that information to suit their needs. We work with actors, writers, aerialists, dancers and puppeteers. Everyone needs something a bit different. With epad.space it is possible for people to find the spaces that work for them, on their own terms.

Lucy Mason, co-founder - EPAD

The project is funded by City of Edinburgh Council and Creative Scotland. It is delivered and is curated by Edinburgh Performing Arts Development (EPAD), a small independent project which provides support and facilitates opportunities for Edinburgh's performing arts sector. EPAD’s role as a facilitator and broker of opportunities includes regular interaction with venues and helping to negotiate deals and special arrangements for artists seeking rehearsal space at low/no cost. There is no charge for venues to be listed on the site.


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