Transition Stirling is an environmental charity focusing on helping the people of Stirlingshire transition to a more resilient sustainable way of living, providing a positive local response to climate change.

Two people stood under a gazebo fixing a wooden object Fixing Workshop, Photo by Transition Stirling

Transition Stirling was formed in October 2009 by a group of volunteers for people who want to work on positive solutions to the problems the Stirling area will face in the future due to rising oil prices and climate change. 

Transition Stirling began by running several re-skilling workshops including a medicinal herb workshop and permaculture weekend.  We also hosted two 'Spokes and Spades' events.  Combining urban food growing with sustainable transport, we cycled around Stirling, stopping at various food growers to learn how they have created and maintained urban gardens.

Transition Stirling aims to provide a positive response to and secure our community's future from the effects of climate change through advancing citizenship, raising awareness and encouraging action.


We reuse and share resources, helping to build our resilience as a community. Projects include a tool library where people can borrow instead of buying, repair café events to teach repair skills and, in partnership with the Kitchen at 44, we coordinate the distribution of waste food to our community, providing the equivalent of 85k meals in the 7 months since lockdown

Emma Erwin, Project Manager - Transition Stirling

In late 2012 they received funding to run their first fully-funded project, Wood For All.  Since then, they have run a series of projects supported and led by their volunteer board.


Header Image: Transition Stirling shop front, Photo by Jenness Mitchell for Striling News   


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