One size doesn’t fit all. 

Different places each have their own unique circumstances, ambitions and priorities. That’s why the Scottish Government and COSLA jointly launched the Local Governance Review to ensure Scotland’s diverse communities have greater power to shape the places that they know best. 

The first phase of national engagement saw over 4000 people feed in ideas and the Review is currently exploring how powers, responsibilities and resources could be shared between different spheres of government, and with communities, to devolve more power and resources down to more local levels. Scottish Government Ministers and COSLA re-committed to this process in a joint statement  in March 2021, publishing new material designed to offer people a clearer sense of how their aspirations for local democracy could be realised in practice. 

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The new Democracy Matters material describes scenarios for alternative democratically-accountable governance arrangements at more local levels while the International Review analysing local governance systems and citizen participation in seven case studies across the world, is equally important in informing debate about how these arrangements should intertwine with an empowered local government. These resources are intended to help consider how to strengthen democracy in a way that improves outcomes in the place they live and makes Scotland a better place for all.

To learn more about the Review and what it means for you, visit the Scottish Government Local Governance Review website or follow on Twitter @CommEmpower.  For more information about how you and your community can get involved in the next phase you can also sign up to a regular newsletter.

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More info on the Local Governance Review and other community empowerment issues can be found on the Communities Channel, supported by the Scottish Community Development Centre.

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