Place Guide

Scottish Futures Trust have harnessed learning from their work with local authorities, public bodies and communities across Scotland to develop a new Place Guide

The Place Guide is a practical, step-by-step approach to implementing the place agenda collaboratively.

An easy to read eight-step summary of the Guide is available here supported by this briefing paper here.   

The Place Guide

The Place Guide pulls together the agendas of Place Based Investment, Net Zero transition, Health and Wellbeing, the Infrastructure Investment plan, Regional Economic Partnerships and National Planning Framework 4.

Access the Place Guide here

What is the Place Guide for?

Aimed at decision-makers, the Place Guide provides clarity on:


  • why place-based approaches should guide the planning and development of investment in services and capital projects

Collective leadership

  • how all local voices and collaborations influence decisions


  • how a place approach can provide clarity about what needs to be done, how that is prioritised and who takes ownership

Briefing Paper

SFT have produced a helpful overview briefing paper, outlining the key elements of the Place Guide.

Access the briefing paper here

Place - An 8 Step Process

The Place Guide sets out an eight-step process to help guide decision makers through place based approaches to improving local outcomes.

Read a summary of the 8 step process here.

Place Based Investment

Making best use of resources and investments involves understanding the challenge and the assets that are available. Place based approaches provide a practical mechanism to ensure that investment decisions make the most out of our resources and have the best possible outcomes for communities and the environment.

Read more on place based investment here