The Role of the Public Sector 

The public sector helps to shape much of the change in our places. 

Whether through decisions on spatial planning, community planning, infrastructure investment, inclusion and participation, or many of the ways in which services are provided, the role of the public sector in driving the place agenda is critical.

The variety of forms and services within the public sector, including central government, local government, agencies and public bodies cover an enormous range of issues and locations.  However, integrating working practices, and focussing not only on delivering on an issue, but on focussing on the overall outcomes for communities and the environment is essential.   

If resources are to be used most efficiently and real improvement made, then the Place Principle, and place based working, should form a cornerstone of public sector activity.

The Place Principle

The Place Principle is a key driver for collaborative place-based working - public sector action and leadership is central to its success.

Adopted by CoSLA and the Scottish Government, the Place Principle promotes the need for a joined-up approach with the assets and services in a place to achieve better outcomes.

Learn more about the Place Principle

The Place Based Framework

The Place Based Framework builds on existing good work across Scotland to provide a mechanism for how place-based working can be implemented effectively.

The simple goal is to make sure that efforts, investments and resources are brought together for the greatest overall benefit.

Access the Place Based Framework here

Scottish Futures Trust - Place

Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) have a focus on place , helping to attract investment into Scotland’s towns, cities and communities to deliver housing, improve public service delivery, secure economic benefits, and contribute to Scotland’s net zero carbon target.

Learn more about the SFT 's work on place here

SFT Place Guide

Scottish Futures Trust have been working with local authorities, public bodies and communities across Scotland to deliver impact by taking a place-based approach.

Their new ‘Place Guide’ builds on this shared learning. It is a practical, step-by-step approach to implementing the place agenda collaboratively.

Learn more about the SFT Place Guide here

Community Planning

Community planning is about partnerships and outcomes. There are significant benefits in working in place based ways, engaging across boundaries and targeting action, resources and energy towards improving outcomes and reducing inequality.

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